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How to Do Neck Rolls for Muscle Pain Relief

If you suffer from a sore, stiff neck or painful headaches, simple neck rolls can provide welcome relief. These easy stretches gently flex the muscles in your neck to increase mobility and blood circulation while easing tension. When done regularly, neck rolls can help prevent injury, reduce muscle tightness, and even alleviate some types of chronic neck and shoulder discomfort.

The neck muscles tend to become tense from poor posture, injury, or strain from activities where the head is tilted for long periods. Tight neck muscles restrict range of motion and blood flow, resulting in painful spasms and stiffness. Neck rolls limber up the major muscle groups like the sternocleidomastoid and upper trapezius that connect the head, neck and shoulders. As these connections relax through stretching, relief comes to the entire upper back and chest region. Those who sit hunched over computers all day or cradle phones between their neck and shoulder will greatly benefit from periodic neck rolls.

To begin, sit or stand in good posture with chin level, arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly lower your right ear toward your right shoulder as far as feels comfortable. Hold for 5 seconds then raise your head back to center. Next, lower your left ear to your left shoulder in the same fashion, again holding the stretch for 5 seconds before returning head to center. This completes one full neck roll sequence.

Be sure keep shoulders down during the entire neck roll to avoid straining other muscles. Focus on feeling a gentle pull in the muscles from base of skull across tops of shoulders. Start with 2-3 rolls on each side, eventually building up to 5-10 rolls as muscles become more flexible. Breathe evenly while performing the movements. Those with injuries can place one hand on side of head for support rather than pulling with neck muscles alone.

An alternative method is to trace large circles with your nose by rotating head fully in one direction then the other. Tilt head sideways toward right shoulder, then lookup towards ceiling still going right, then tilt sideways to left shoulder, then return to center while looking down. Reverse directions performing the same sequence of tilts and rotations to the left for full circulation. 5 big circles in each direction promotes excellent mobility.

Be sure to do neck rolls before and after activities where head and neck are heavily utilized, like dental work, hairstyling, scheming long documents, or painting a ceiling. Taking breaks to relieve tension prevents overuse and repetitive motion issues. Those recovering from whiplash or neurological conditions should consult a physical therapist to ensure proper form and range of motion. When performed gently with awareness, almost anyone can benefit from simple neck rolls.

If rolling the neck in circles or side to side causes discomfort, try simply dropping and lifting the chin to chest 5-10 times. Gazing upward towards the ceiling then down at the floor provides a similar release of tight muscles. Work within your own limits, releasing tension little by little over time for cumulative benefits. Proper breathing while stretching is also critical for overall relaxation.

Simple preventative neck rolls increase endurance, encourage good posture, and quickly ease acute pain from minor sprains or sleeping in awkward positions. When incorporated into regular self-care routines, neck rolls maintain healthy muscle tone to support the head and neck while keeping the spine supple. Just a few minutes a day can prevent escalation into debilitating shoulder and back pain. Treat your neck right with gentle rolls for flexible muscles and lasting relief!