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Using Natural Anti-Inflammatories to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an extremely common problem that affects people of all ages. While there are many potential causes of shoulder pain, one of the most common is inflammation in the joints and soft tissues in the shoulder region. Using natural anti-inflammatory agents can be an effective way to find relief from shoulder pain without […]

What Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint, affecting people of all ages. While injuries and medical conditions can lead to shoulder pain, there are also several lifestyle factors that may increase your risk of developing shoulder problems. Being aware of these risk factors and making some positive lifestyle changes can go a long way towards […]

What is the Hand Behind the Back Shoulder Test?

The hand behind the back test, also called the internal rotation lag sign or the lift-off test, is a diagnostic physical examination maneuver used to evaluate shoulder problems, particularly rotator cuff disorders. It assesses the range of internal rotation motion in the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder. How the Test is Performed The test is […]

What is the Special Test for Stiff Shoulder?

A stiff or frozen shoulder, medically known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by restricted and painful shoulder movement. It occurs when the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint, called the shoulder capsule, becomes thick, tight and inflamed. This leads to a painful loss of both active and passive shoulder motion. Stiff shoulder is […]

What Causes Extremely Tight Shoulder Muscles?

Our shoulder muscles allow wide mobility of the arm and stability for everyday tasks. It’s normal for these muscles to tighten up at times, especially following exercise or repetitive motions. But when shoulder muscles become extremely tight, it can severely restrict movement and cause chronic discomfort. Let’s discuss what leads to such debilitating shoulder muscle […]

Red Flags to Watch for with a Stiff, Painful Shoulder

Shoulder stiffness and restricted mobility are common complaints that can result from muscle strains, overuse, or underlying arthritis. Typically, symptoms improve within a few days or weeks with rest and conservative treatments. However, certain “red flag” signs indicate a more serious health issue requiring prompt medical attention. Understanding Shoulder Stiffness The shoulder joint allows extensive […]

What Causes Restricted Shoulder Movement?

Our shoulders allow for extensive mobility in all directions, giving us great range of motion for daily life. However, many conditions can impede shoulder movement and flexibility. Restricted shoulder mobility not only hampers activity, but it can lead to chronic pain and accelerated joint degeneration. Understanding the common causes is the first step toward proper […]

Don’t Ignore That Shoulder Pain: When to See Your Doctor

It’s easy to brush off shoulder pain, thinking it’s just a pulled muscle that will resolve on its own. But while minor shoulder aches may go away with rest and over-the-counter meds, persistent or worsening pain should not be ignored. Certain shoulder problems require medical treatment to properly heal and avoid complications. Knowing when to […]

Red Flag Shoulder Pain: When to See a Doctor?

Shoulder pain is very common, with about 1 in 3 people experiencing it at some point in their lives. While minor shoulder aches often resolve on their own, certain “red flag” symptoms indicate a more serious problem requiring medical attention. Knowing when to see a doctor for shoulder pain can help prevent complications and speed […]

Can Reading Book Cause Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures. Getting lost in a good book allows us to relax, learn new things, and expand our minds. However, many avid readers experience neck, shoulder, and back pain during or after reading sessions. If you find reading is causing you physical discomfort, you’re not alone. Let’s explore some of […]

Can Reading Book in Bed Cause Shoulder Pain?

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures. Many people like to unwind before bed by reading a book or browsing on their phone or tablet. Although reading in bed can be enjoyable, it also comes with some potential downsides. One issue that may arise is shoulder pain or discomfort from staying in the same position […]

What Does The Overworked Shoulder Feel Like?

Shoulder pain and injuries are extremely prevalent, affecting up to 70% of people at some point in life. The highly mobile shoulder joint allows great flexibility of motion but is vulnerable to overuse injuries. Repeated exertions and motions can overwork the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons and other structures over time, leading to distinct symptoms. But […]

How Overworking Can Cause Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is an exceedingly common complaint that affects people of all ages. The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, which allows tremendous mobility but also makes it prone to injury. There are many possible causes of shoulder pain, including structural problems, injuries, and medical conditions. However, […]

How to Fix Your Overworked Shoulder?

Shoulder pain is extremely common and can originate from a variety of causes. One of the most frequent culprits of shoulder pain is overuse. Repeated movements of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments can lead to inflammation and injury over time. If you have a shoulder that feels fatigued, sore, or painful […]

Got Tight Shoulders? Try These 9 Simple Stretches for Relief

Do you often feel tension, soreness, or achiness in your shoulders, especially after long work days slumped over a computer? Do you have difficulty raising your arms over your head to reach objects on a high shelf? Or find it a challenge to reach behind your back to clasp your bra or scratch an itch? […]

The Stiff Shoulder Epidemic: How Long Work Hours Are Ruining Our Health

It’s no secret that many Americans are working longer hours than ever before. The 40 hour work week is becoming increasingly rare, with many salaried professionals putting in 50, 60, even 80+ hours per week at the office. While our modern work culture often glorifies being constantly “on” and prizes long hours spent at the […]